Alisa Magennis

Alisa is passionate about the healing and transformative power of yoga as a tool to help navigate through life's journey. She celebrates simply showing up on your mat and she taps into whatever your needs are that day; whether it's to hold space, go deep, be held, express laughter and light, or encourage emotional release. She is a firm believer in teaching with intention and empowerment, so creative and thoughtful sequences are offered and opportunities to explore movements in your own way are encouraged (even celebrated). Yoga is a lifestyle that she wishes to share with others, so she offers an array of opportunities to connect - including vinyasa movement, restorative grounding, rhythmic release dancing, dharma talks, trauma trainings, sacred circles, yoga activism discussions, and community service involvement. Her hope is that her classes and gatherings serve as a tool to your toolbox on your healing journey, a healthy way to cope with life's mysteries.

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