Chase Morgan

After an inspiring conversation with a family member and an aching body from athletics, I stumbled into my first class at the end of 2015. Slowly the accumulated aches and pains began to leave my body as I continued to practice, but this wasn’t what kept me coming back to the mat. The beauty all around permeated my core; yoga was beginning to work on a deeper level. The stillness was gifting me glimpses of the inherent inner wisdom within as well as all that surrounded me. I was beginning to realize the benefits from this practice went far beyond what I could have imagined, I was tapping into an ancient body of wisdom.

After 2 years of continuous practice, the teaching role chose me and I traveled to Costa Rica to complete my 200 hr RYT training. The community and connection I experienced during my training was transformative.

Yoga has allowed me to connect more deeply with myself while connecting to others, to adapt to the stress of daily life, and to create space for growth.  As physical asana is only a piece of our inner work I love to share pranayama practices with everyone that shares space with me. In carrying the inner vibration of my training with me I hope to create a safe space for all to practice, free from outside conditioning and one that radiates love.  I hope that my classes will allow you to tap into the inner wisdom and bring you more aligned with your infinite, timeless, higher self. I believe we are all healers on a collective healing journey.


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