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Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® For Self-Regulation & Trauma Healing

Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® for Self-Regulation & Trauma Healing is designed especially for occupational therapists (OTs & OTAs,) physical therapists, mental health professionals, nurses, other licensed health professionals, and certified yoga therapists who wish to incorporate evidence-based, trauma-sensitive yoga techniques into their professional practices to maximize healing from combat stress, PTSD, anxiety, and related autonomic nervous system disorders. Yoga experience is helpful but not required. The workshop includes several paired teaching practices and a larger group experiential lab.

Help Your Clients Meet The Following Goals:

» Effectively manage stress before it leads to emotional dysregulation and/or inappropriate behaviors.
» Develop emotional resiliency, that is, the ability to rise to meet a challenge or threat as well as easily calm once it has passed.
» Decrease hyper-vigilance and overreaction to sensory input (e.g. visual, crowds, touch, noise, movement).
» Improve quality of sleep and energy level to support wellness and enhance daily
» Decrease intrusive thoughts by learning to become present through breath and body awareness.
» Enhance one’s sense of self-worth and personal empowerment.

Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® is closely informed by the highly successful treatment protocol used with deployed military personnel in Kirkuk, Iraq, which Lynn co-developed; her experience teaching veterans in her local community; as well as her many years of experience as a sensory integration certified occupational therapist, registered yoga instructor, and IAYT-certified yoga therapist.  The program has also evolved from the contributions of its exceptional SEYI faculty.

The Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® curriculum skillfully synthesizes theoretical concepts and research findings from the fields of occupational therapy (especially sensory integration theory/treatment), trauma psychology, neuroscience, and traditional Eastern yogic philosophy to produce a Transdisciplinary Model for Post-Traumatic Growth for healing symptoms of combat stress, PTSD, or other unresolved trauma or anxiety disorders.

Undieting: Beginning Intuitive Eating

If you've made the same weight-loss resolutions each year. If you've found "success" with dieting in the past, but regained the weight. If you've received compliments when losing weight, but crickets when it came back on. & if you're straight up exhausted of yo-yo dieting & the negative self talk in your head regarding your body & your food choices. Here, in this two hour discussion, the door is opened for you to escape the dieting cycle & explore another way.


In this discussion, expect to enhance your understanding about the universal consequences of dieting, learn how to escape the "dieting cycle," & ultimately, discover how leaning into the empowering wisdom of your own body, by an awareness of its sensations, effectively guides us toward determining what, when, & how much to eat - preventing overeating, enhancing satisfaction, promoting mental and physical health, & naturally bringing your body to its set point weight.



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Gong Night

Through use of vocals, cello, crystal singing bowls and gong, Beth Kiser and Dineen Carta will take you on a song and sound healing journey to clear and realign your internal chakra system and regulate your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state to one of calm, and wellness. This is an ancient practice with both historic and present-day healing benefits. Come experience what it's all about! 

Fridays,  7 - 8:30 pm

April 10th

May 8th


Suggested Donation $30

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Cash or Check Only Please

Yoga Stops Traffick

Yoga Stops Traffick is a one day, worldwide community yoga event run by volunteers to raise awareness about human trafficking, & much needed money to support its victims. 


This year, we’ll be breaking up our 108 Sun Salutations, so you can honor your body & your practice. We’ll rest at 27, 54, 81, & go all the way to 108! You can finish your practice & take your savasana at any time. 


Can’t make it? Stop at the front desk to drop off a cash or check donation!


108 Sun Salutations


$30 Suggested Donation


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108 is an auspicious number in many traditions: hindu, buddhist, and even mathematically. It is both a challenge and an experience of bhakti/devotion, and a beautiful moving meditation.


The purpose of this worldwide sponsored sun salutation is to unite yoga practitioners across the globe in support of Odanadi Seva Trust. By taking part on March 10, you will be helping to spread awareness about the serious, rapidly escalating exploitation of women and children in India and also raise funds to support Odanadi’s crucial work in the field of prevention, rescue and rehabilitation.


Yoga Stops Traffick is organised and run by volunteers, 100% of the profits raised from these events go directly to Odanadi Seva Trust to help prevent human trafficking in India, to rescue and rehabilitate its millions of victims.

For more information about the Odanadi Seva Trust, visit:


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