Exceptional Yoga:

Yoga Classes Therapy for Children with Exceptional Needs

The Yoga therapy approach is recommended for children with: Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Microcephaly, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delays, AD/HD, and other disabilities.

Yoga is particularly helpful for children with special needs, as the relaxation and meditation practices help children to focus, decreases hyperactivity and impulsivity. It also improves physical strength and awareness as well as academic achievement, increases attention span, memory, and improves communications and interpersonal relationships.

Yoga is at once (a) developmental, (b) preventive, (c) remedial, and therefore, appropriate for children at any stage of development.

Physical Benefits:

·         Helps Fine Motor Coordination 

·         Improve Visual and Auditory Processing

·         Deep Breathing Techniques Increase Lung Capacity

·         Improves Muscle Tone, Balance and Alignment

          Improves Thyroid functioning  


Cognitive Benefits   

·         Deep Breathing Techniques Promote Relaxation

·         Reduce Tension & Relieve Stress

·         Increase Vitality & Sense of Well-Being

·         Cultivate Better Interpersonal Relationships

·         Increase Attention Span and Memory

·         Improve Self-Monitoring Skills & Awareness of Emotional Behaviors

To schedule private therapy, or group classes contact Kat at: mononayogacenter@gmail.com


Kat Casey

Yoga Therapy

Zen Turtle Class

Kat is a special education teacher as well as a yoga teacher to children of all ages and abilities.  She was first drawn to the practice of yoga for personal healing in the 1990s.  While attending college to become a teacher, Katherine became interested in the benefits of yoga to children with disabilities both physically and academically, and incorporated it into her studies. She received advanced training through the Yoga for the Special Child Program in 2003.  Since then, Katherine has held private yoga therapy for children with a variety of disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, AD/HD, anxiety and depression. She has also practiced infant yoga, and taught group classes for children with and without disabilities.

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