Kim Ritz

I began my Yoga Journey by practicing along to a prenatal yoga video in 2006, and have since been practicing wherever and whenever I get the chance. I love the way that breath and movement create a peaceful dance. My family and I settled in Madison in 2012, moving to the Midwest from Idaho. Yoga became a profoundly healing spiritual practice after a family loss in 2014. I found true release and strength through hours spent on my yoga mat. Yoga Teacher Training seemed the next natural step, so I attended Blue Soul School of Yoga, where I earned my Yoga Alliance RYT 200.


Yin, to me, is a particularly deep and meaningful practice, which brings you into stillness of the body, breath, and mind- something we all seem to crave more in our fast paced and constantly connected world. It has regenerative potential for the dedicated practitioner. I received my Yin I certification from senior teacher Darleen Vander Hoop in June of 2019.

I bring an easy smile and a warm touch to my students. My love of the moon, meditation, and dance is incorporated into every class I teach. It is my sincere wish to honor the many teachers who have inspired and taught me, by continuing to pass the transformative love and joy of yoga on to my students. I revel in the lessons my students have for me. I see teaching yoga as a service to my fellow beings, and I believe yoga is for everyone.

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