Lindsay Schultz

Yin yoga helps me to slow down—to listen to my body, observe my mind, and nurture my spirit. And I so deeply love that it can be practiced daily–at home, in a studio, on my own or with others---with lots of lovely props, like blankets and bolsters and blocks and straps. In a class with me, you’ll get deep insight into breathwork and visualization, alignment techniques, meditation and a little bit of silly fun as we work through some of those tougher poses calling our bodies to attention.  You'll also get access to some pretty diverse playlists, as I find music, sound and poetic lyrics to be helpful guides as we journey inward.


Yin yoga is known for working deep into the body to compress, stretch and stress our connective tissues, fascia and joints. In working these areas of our bodies, we can improve flexibility and mobility, as well as help facilitate the release of tension and stress. In classes, we typically move slowly and gently through 9-12 poses and hold these poses for a longer period of time, anywhere from 3-10 minutes. I teach this type of yoga because I practice this type of yoga. I look forward to practicing with you.


Aroma Yin: Thursdays at 7:15-8:15pm

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