Morgan Rohde

Morgan began practicing yoga as far back as she can remember.  As a child she was regularly found morphing her body into all kinds of fun shapes including headstands and plow poses.  It wasn’t until college when she took her first consecutive yoga series that she realized the real power of the practice.  "I just knew I needed more.” She quickly sought to find a studio that accepted work trade and stepped right back into her practice.  There, she was able to become a certified kids yoga teacher and began teaching. Months in, she decided to try the only Kundalini Yoga class the studio offered.  She had no idea what to expect. Potent might describe the experience Morgan had that morning. One class and she was hooked.


She began attending the class regularly and eventually moved on to practice at a Kundalini specific studio where she took her 200 hour KRI yoga teacher training with 3 wonderful teachers who trained with Yogi Bhajan himself when he arrived in the 1960s.


“The practice of Kundalini yoga and I have had quite an interesting journey together.  It’s like a relationship. You get frustrated, it’s hard work! But when you work that hard as something you love, it pays off.” Morgan practices yoga because it keeps her steady in mind, body, and spirit.  Morgan teaches as an expression of her gratitude for this practice. “Depression and anxiety just can’t get you the same way. External “problems” don’t seem like problems as much. You begin to see things as opportunities.  Everything becomes beautiful, the good, the bad, the ugly, and sad. It’s all beautiful because it’s all truth.”


Kundalini: Wednesdays at 7:15-8:30pm

Monona Yoga Center | 320 W Broadway, Ste C | Monona, WI 53716

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