Sabrina Bodden

I began practicing yoga in 2008, on the recommendation of several doctors who had treated me for severe debilitating pain throughout my whole body. I was diagnosed with 23 different conditions, and it was clear they couldn't really help me because there was no clear consensus on what was "wrong with me." When I discovered Alignment Yoga, I knew I had finally found an answer to my suffering.

In April of 2012, I completed Alignment Yoga’s 15 month long 200-hour Advanced Studies Program, and during that year, also completed the Yoga for Autism training at the UW's Waisman Center, now simply called YogAutism. These trainings gave me the tools and understanding to hold compassionate, open space for people to step into practice in their own way. They also helped me to learn effective ways to calm the nervous system in any body through simple movements with breath.  

I completed the mini yogis yoga for kids' teacher training with Shana Meyerson, giving me a better understanding of how to share this transformative practice with young people.

I have taught over 1200 hours of group classes and over 80 hours of private therapeutic sessions working with people one-on-one.

My focus in class is on finding optimal movement and alignment for each unique body; maximizing benefit while reducing strain and effort; educating students about their anatomy and physiology to empower them to make healthy choices; and encouraging a very mindful, kind, and nurturing practice. I give students tools and knowledge so that they can better tune into and understand the powerful messages that are given by the body. I consider the body the teacher, and me simply the translator and guide.


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